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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Rock and Roll Poets All Morning

OK folks. I am on RnR poets thing. The playlist this morning does some ancient and little known Dylan, Jackson, Marley, K'naan.

Lots of changes coming on the station. Been programming seriously for the first time since I quit Microsoft to both automate (and disguise the automation) the feeds and scheduling. Having lots of fun battling senility with Python. 😊

I have given up battling the fact that as long as its mainly me designing the schedule, there will be some bias to the broadcast content. IF YOU WANT TO DO RADIO AND TAKEOVER PART OF THIS -- CALL ME! 💓

In the meantime: here are the categories -- the things my feeds fill -- comments welcome!!

1. News mornings and evenings
2. Live shows -- Mondays, tuesdays - thursdays, Fridays mornings after news.
3. Old Time Radio
4. Live Music
5. Jazz-Blues
6. Rock and Roll Poets
7. Social science -- economics, sociology, history, health policy
8. Storytelling and lit
9. Science
10. Politics and Labor -- of the hard kind:  campaigns, interviews, etc.

More to come....



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