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Sunday, April 22, 2018

A Winners and Losers Special -- 10 AM Sunday -- Kevin Carden on the County Commission elections


The Winners and  Losers Radio Program has been on hiatus. The radio station has been undergoing substantial reconstruction.Expect its full return, but in a revolutionary new format, by the end of  May.

Today, however we host a special WL broadcast with Kevin Carden, Town Recorder for Harpers Ferry who is running for the County Commission in Jefferson County.

The situation in the County is a mess, especially since a gang of fools won 3 seats in the last round. Kevin will hopefully explain what's at stake for citizens in the up coming elections, primary and general.

Today, 10 AM. Go to and click on the player. Start listening.

California Explosion is STILL on deck, here in Almost Heaven Springtime West Virginia.


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