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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

He Came UP --- SMILING! Railroad Earth Returns, Best of the Left, Wolff, Dissent

Enlighten Radio Lineup -- July 4, 1776

The Winners and Losers Radio Program -- I plan to see the Nationals play today!! So, some content will be recorded -- but, as always -- promises to make you smile, even at perdition...

  • Railroad Earth returns for a special engagement for one of their biggest fans. Thank you JB, for bringing them to me!
  • Best of the Left digs into the massive injustice system contemplated by the Trump jackboot jackasses.
  • Economic Update -- Richard Wolff looks at the poverty statistics and indicts, you guessed it, capitalism. (If only there was a judge with fortitude...)
  • Dissent 

War Music from the Iliad -- translated by Christopher Logue.

The Declaration of Independence

Common Sense -- Thomas Paine.

The autobiography of Frederick Douglas

Rock and Roll to outlast the fireworks.

Stay tuned. Don't Drop Out -- Tell that friggin horseman and carriage to PASS ON BY!

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