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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Cops against the drug wars, WV Dept of State, Resistance Radio, and Wonk City

7:30-9 Wnners and Losers

notes from Gayle:

Two interviews now confirmed for Wednesday

Hi John,

A  second call-in interview -- from LEAP -- has been confirmed for Wednesday, July 26. Time slots also have been okayed..

At 8:00 am,  as previously noted, we'll be speaking with the communications director of the West Virginia Department of State. (For details see another email string: "MEDIA INQUIRY Followup on request for radio interview re: Preventing potential federal voter suppression.") 

The newly confirmed interview, scheduled for 8:30 am, will be with Det. Howard Wooldridge (Ret.), a speaker for The Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP). He'll be calling from Washington discuss what the stats show in countries that have decriminalized use of drugs. Here's his bio 

For details, see email string titled "MEDIA INQUIRY Request for radio interview re: What does the data show following drug decriminalization?"  Focus would be an analysis of such things as changes in crime rates, overall health of the population, etc.,in countries that have decriminalized the use of some or all drugs. I noted our understanding that Portugal and Uruguay may be among those where decriminalization has taken place.

Depending on the time available, also to be discussed would the recent announcement by Sessions's Department of Justice that it would in some cases permit property seizure from suspects not convicted of a crime, something LEAP calls "an affront to due process." Taking the opposite approach of the Obama Administration, Sessions's department unveiled new changes which will increase the use of civil asset forfeiture 

10 AM Resistance RAdio with Stewart Acuff

Noon: Wonk City -- keep up economics and social science. Podcasts from the Underground Railroad.

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