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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Labor Beat on Winners and Losers: Railroad Earth, Richard Wolff, Union Edge

Enlighten Radio Lineup: June 29, 2017

1. The Winners and Losers Radio Program: 6:30 - 9

  • Railroad Earth classics
  •  Andrea Kaminski – League of Women Voters – Supreme Court to Hear Gerrymandering Case. Andrea Kaminski, the League of Women Voters Wisconsin Executive Director, discusses the history of gerrymandering and the upcoming Supreme Court case to determine whether Wisconsin’s the most recent redistricting was legal.
  • Hilda Poulson & Sandra Bixler – NUHW – NLRB tells Queens of the Valley to stop breaking the law
  • Richard Wolff on Capitalism’s Self-destruction - 06.25.17
2. The Geekbox -- technology: 9:00 - Noon -- check back later for updates

3. Food Programming -- from the Splendid Table, and other cool podcasts: Noon - 4PM

4. Blues all night 4PM till whenever

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