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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Best of the Left Tuesday on Enlighten Radio

The Lineup for Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Beginning at 6:30 AM

1. Belabored by Dissent: Is Corbyn a New Dawn for Brit Labour?

Okay, maybe the UK election results—in which Labour defied all expectations, confounded the pundits, and snatched away the Tories’ absolute majority—weren’t exactly a sweep for the left per se, but after months of transatlantic electoral heartburn, the vote marked at least a taste of sweet victory for progressives. We spoke to Jacobin Magazine Europe Editor Ronan Burtenshaw for post-election analysis of how a new progressive populism is challenging the status quo in Britain and perhaps the United States. And we look at the challenges facing Labour and Corbynism as they seek not just to go against all odds, but to win.

In other news, we examine the healthcare reform implosion in Washington, NAFTA’s impending Pandora’s Box, and the gender tax on college debt. With recommended reading on Ivanka’s shady factory and America’s class blinders.

2. Belabored by Dissent: AT&T Workers Rising Globally and Locally, with Bob Master

Despite unprecedented chaos in Washington, AT&T workers have proved once again that good old fashioned organizing still gets the goods. Following a national three-day strike, we talk to Bob Master of the Communication Workers of America on what workers got and what work there’s left to do as they move toward a contract deal. We also look at the other side of a key issue in the negotiations—rampant offshoring of call center jobs to various outlets in the Global South. We talk to Dominican Republic-based organizers Oliver Benson and Hanoi Sosa about organizing call center workers in solidarity with their U.S. counterparts.

3. Best of the Left: #1114 Running the world with an inferiority complex (Foreign Policy)

Today we take a look at the state of foreign affairs as Trump trips and stubbles his way through his learning curve.

4. Economic Update: When the US government destroyed a political party

Updates on Oklahoma cuts funds for public schools, why Americans dont take paid vacations owed them, how coal/oil companies fight solar/wind companies to buy politicians that decide what energy system we must live with. Interview with Lisa E Davis, author of “Undercover Girl” about undoing the New Deal, FBI paid informers and destruction of the CPUSA.

5. Economic Update: Capitalism's Self Destruction

Updates on declining Cal State Univ system, Trump vs coal industry realities, Hudson Yards for mega-rich vs New York’s social needs, lotteries’ and legalized pot’s same economic motives. Major discussions: politics and economic betrayal, revenge; Trump’s new austerity budget; why worker coops deserve govt supports; and worker coops and democracy.

6. Union Edge: Healthcare Politics: Rural Hospitals are closing.

This week on Healthcare Politics With Steve Larchuk we have Alan Morgan, Chief Executive Officer at The National Rural Health Association on to talk to us about how there are some serious problems in rural America including lots of hospital closings.

Rockpile is taking the day off --- Stay tuned for storytelling and old time radio -- all day!

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