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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Labor Beat moves to 6 AM Weekdays -- Enlighten Radio Reorg underway.

Hello Friends:

The Labor Beat weekly program is graduating to THE daily morning news program on Enlighten Radio.

The show concept is still evolving, BUT, we are going to be spending more time on work and a little less on politics. What are the new, what are the old, jobs? What are your rights, or lack of them? If you get screwed in pay or benefits or humane working conditions, who you gonna call?

Enlighten Radio will set you on the path to rewarding the good and punishing the evil.

Or -- is your workplace getting it right? We will give them an Enlighten Radio "Good Workin'" sticker!

Here is our player:

Here is our call in number: (You will be on the air when I answer): 304-885-0708.

Line-up for today

10:00 AM: Resistance Radio With Stewart Acuff

Noon: The Are You Crazy New show time: Noon on Wednesdays
The Love Doc -- Dr Lesllie Beth Wish -- calls in today!

Check this blog for calendar updates!

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