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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Best of the Left, Old Time Radio -- Tuesdays on Enlighten Radio

Enlighten Radio Lineup -- 4 April 2017

7:30 AM -- The Winners and Losers Radio Program -- Revolution RAdio

  • Tim O'Brien and Darrell Scott and Sarah Jarosz musical interludes
OOPA Sorry folks -- Rockpile with Benny Snyder is on at 9 after all!!

Best of the Left will start at 11:15 now

11:15 AM -- The Best of the Left Programming: -- will update

1, The Resistance: we look at the multi-front political battles being waged for the heart of the progressive movement, women’s movement, the Democratic party and the county as a whole

2. The Education Debacle

we look at the confirmation of Betsy DeVos to head the Department of education and some of the ideological and historical context that brought us to this point

3. A Corporate Judicial Coup (Judge Gorsuch and the Supreme Court)

we look at the hearings of Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch, how we got to here and what his possible placement on the court portends for our future

For more info on BOL podcasts:

4. Belabored: Podcast #123: Marching on Mississippi, with Morris Mock and Danny Glover
Last weekend, the long-time union struggle at the Nissan plant in Canton, Mississippi reached a new peak with a march, led by former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and Hollywood icon and activist Danny Glover. We spoke with Canton plant worker Morris Mock and Glover about the conditions in the plant, the long struggle for union rights in the South, their deep connection to civil rights struggles, and more.

We also check in with Women’s Strikers from around the country and the workers in SeaTac, Washington, and we take a look at the promises and the reality of “Trumpcare.” For “Argh,” we look at a winning labor-environmental campaign in Richmond, CA, and a look back at the entwined history of protest marches and mass strikes.

If you think our work is worth supporting as we soldier on through Trumplandia, please consider becoming a sustaining member of Belabored or donating or subscribing to Dissent. Please help keep us going for the next 123 episodes!

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