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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Sunday Morning Quaker Radio and Philosophy Broadcasts

Beginning 8 AM

Quaker Radio

Lectures and Keynotes from Oxford University Theological conferences.

1. Faith and Superstition from an Islamic Perspective

In light of the Power and Protection Exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum of the University of Oxford, this talk addresses the fundamental principles of faith, and how the Islamic tradition deals with and defines superstition. Tariq Ramadan is an invited guest speaker of the Museum as part of the Power and Protection Exhibition: Islamic Art and the Supernatural, which is on public display from 20 October 2016 until 15 January 2017.

2. Shakespeare and Machiavellian Politics of Violence

Closing Keynote: Elizabeth Frazer (University of Oxford) gives the closing keynote for the Political Demonologies conference, held at Worcester College on 20th May 2016.

3. The Pessimistic Anthropology of Liberalism vs the Good

Adrian Pabst (University of Kent) gives a talk for Session 3: Demonologies of the Soul – Beyond Evil, part of the Political Demonologies conference, held at Worcester College on 20th May 2016.


1. History of Philosophy: Occams Nominalism: A Close Shave

Ockham trims away the unnecessary entities posited by other scholastics.

2.  Confucious on Virtuous Conduct (Part 1)

On the Analects, compiled after 479 BCE. How should we act? What's the relation between ethics and politics? Can a bunch of aphorisms written in the distant past for an unapologetically hierarchical culture emphasizing traditional rituals actually give us relevant, welcome advice on these matters? Are we even in a position to determine the meaning of these sayings? With guest Tzuchien Tho. 

Play list: times relative to 8 AM

00:00:00 Mike Diesel Voice 011 -- Station ID
00:00:25 Tariq Ramadan Faith and Supersition from an Islamic Perspective
00:43:41 Mike Diesel Voice 011 -- Station ID
00:44:06 Elizabeth Frazer Politics and Magic
01:21:48 Mike Diesel Voice 013 - station ID
01:22:16 Adrian Pabst The pessimistic anthropology of liberalism
01:47:13 Peter Adamson HoP 272 - A Close Shave - Ockham’s Nominalism
02:07:40 Mike Diesel Voice 008 -- station ID
02:07:57 The Partially Examined Life Confucius on Virtuous Conduct (Part One) PEL Ep 159:
03:02:46 Mike Diesel Voice 008 -- station ID

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