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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Rockpile, Best of the Left and Rock and Roll All Night -- Tuesdays on EPIC!!

EPIC Radio Lineup -- 7 March 2017

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9:00 -- 11  AM  Right now!  Benny Snyder's Rockpile

11:30  Best of the Left

1. A review of foreign policy blunders --we look at how Trump is currently running his foreign policy programs and where he’s planning to take it.


  •  Washington Today -- 3/6/17 -- Today's Washington Today looks at a new Executive Order signed by President Trump on immigration, with an interview from David Nakamura of The Washington Post. Plus, an interview with Alex Isenstadt on President Trump's Tweets over the weekend, and a decision today by the Supreme Court on a case involving a transgender student in Virginia.
  •  Washington Today -- 3-02-17 Washington Today looks at remarks by Attorney General Jeff Sessions about interactions with the Russian Ambassador, with reaction from President Trump and Capitol Hill. Plus, more on the Affordable Care Act and the Environmental Protection Agency.
  •  Every Friday C-SPAN’s The Sidebar podcast goes beyond the headlines of the stories shaping the conversation in Washington and across the country with interviews that provide background and context to the issues and events dominating the news cycle. Our guest this week is Jose Antonio Vargas, journalist, filmmaker, immigration rights activist, and founder of the non-profit group Define American. We talked with him about how the media covers the immigration issue, the rapidly changing look of immigration in the United States, President Trump's immigration policy, and why he went public with his undocumented status in 2011.

3. Radio Project Front Page

  • Divide and Rule Remains the American Game in Syria -- We are learning that despite the hysterical Washington debates and a dyspeptic main stream media, the great imperialist project to secure American hegemony over the world rolls on unabated. And the Syria regime change project began the moment the anti-colonial Syrian government set its goals of Arab national sovereignty and a socialist economy.
  •  Taylor Report: “I Am Not Your Negro” Norman Otis Richmond: See This Film!, Segment 1 --  James Baldwin intended to write a book about the assassinations of Black leaders, Medgar Evers, Martin Luther King, and Malcom X to be titled: Remember This House, but the task was never completed. With this film, director Raoul Peck attempts to convey the message intended by Baldwin. Norman Otis Richmond makes it clear “I Am Not Your Negro” has to be seen. Baldwin’s powerful exposure of American racism grows stronger by the year.

The BOL Playlist -- times relative to 11:30 AM

00:00:00 Mike Diesel Voice 016 -- station ID
00:00:34 #1084 Running the Ship-of-State Aground (Foreign Policy)
01:19:10 C-SPAN Washington Today 2017-03-02 5pmET
01:50:47 C-SPAN Washington Today 2017-03-02 5pmET
02:52:25 Mike Diesel Voice 009 - station ID
02:52:41 C-SPAN The Sidebar - Special Preview: Jose Antonio Vargas
03:21:33 Phil Taylor; Stephen Gowans Despite Years of Failure, Divide and Rule Remains the American Game Against Syria
03:46:47 Phil Taylor; Norman Otis Richmond "I Am Not Your Negro"
04:00:15 Mike Diesel Voice 013 - station ID

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