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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Are You Crazy is McGill-less, Resistance Gets UnCivil

Enlighten Radio -- March 29, 2017

7:30 Are You Crazy? Health news update and a look from the crazy side of Shepherdstown.

10 AM: Resistance News with Stewart Acuff. Stewart writes: I have a great guest coming on--former director of civil and human rights for the steelworkers. Jamaal Craig. Good friend. I definitely want to lead in with some jump Chitown blues, Jr. Wells and Buddy Guy--drinkin TNT and smokin' dynamite if you can find it. Also hopin we could get a clip of Rev. Barber if possible. We fiddin to shake some shit up.

After Stewart -- its food programming all day! Splendid Table, Sporkful, Gastropod, the Nosh Show and more.

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