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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wonk City -- ALL Day on EPIC RAdio

The Wonk City Playlist for Feb 23, 2017

Here is our Player

times are relative to 7:25 AM

00:00:00 EconTalk: Russ Roberts Mark Warshawsky on Compensation, Health Care Costs, and Inequality
01:06:54 EconTalk: Russ Roberts Sam Quinones on Heroin, the Opioid Epidemic, and Dreamland
02:16:43 Mike Diesel Voice 012 -- Station ID
02:17:08 EconTalk: Russ Roberts Michael Munger on the Basic Income Guarantee
03:21:17 EconTalk: Russ Roberts Robert Hall on Recession, Stagnation, and Monetary Policy
04:29:33 EconTalk: Russ Roberts David Gelernter on Consciousness, Computers, and the Tides of Mind
05:37:56 EconTalk: Russ Roberts Judith Donath on Signaling, Design, and the Social Machine
06:46:06 Mike Diesel Voice 017 -- station ID
06:46:24 Financial Times The Trump economy
07:30:01 Unknown Artist The Live Forever Edition
08:13:19 Unknown Artist The Oh Sh*t Edition
09:00:20 Professor Gareth Stedman Jones Karl Marx: greatness and illusion
10:22:06 Mike Diesel Voice 012 -- Station ID
10:22:32 Professor Nicola Phillips Power and Inequality in the Global Political Economy

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