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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Rockpile and Best of the Left on EPIC -- Tuesdays

EPIC Radio -- Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Here is our player

Its rock and roll and left wing analysis on Tuesday.

9:00 AM  Benny Snyder's RockPile program

11:30 AM Best of the Left

Here is the BOL Playlisit for today: Times are relative to 11:30 AM

00:00:00 MIke Diesel Voice 018 -- Staion ID
00:00:17 #1081 Where the Democrats went wrong and how to bring them back
01:17:20 #1082 The economics of our environment (Capitalism vs. the Climate)
02:28:08 Mike Diesel Voice 009 - station ID
02:28:25 C-SPAN Washington Today 2017-02-23 5pmET
03:01:29 c-span The Sidebar- Episode 0: Jay Cost
03:31:37 Dissent Belabored Podcast #122: Immigrants Strike Back at the White House

4:40 PM: Rock and Roll all night designed by Benny Snyder

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