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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Health and Food Programming on EPIC for Wednesday, Feb 1

At 9:00 AM EST this morning, and throughout the day until 8:30 PM tonight, EPIC Radio is featuring a variety of Health and Food related broadcasts of popular podcasts.

Here is Our Player

Here is the schedule (from the html output of our automation system -- apologies for roughness -- will try and clean it up next time!). Times are all relative to 9:00 AM, EST

00:00:00 David Introcaso
Legalizing Marijuana & Its Health Effects
00:22:35 David Introcaso
The Psychiatric Effects of Solitary Confinement: A Conversation with Jean Casella
00:55:15 Health Affairs
In Opioid Withdrawal, With No Help In Sight
01:09:55 Health Affairs
The Fine Line Between Doctoring And Dealing
01:26:43 Mike Diesel
Voice 013 - station ID
01:27:11 Dan Pashman ; WNYC
Is It OK To Save Seats In A Crowded Restaurant?
01:40:04 Dan Pashman ; WNYC
What Rock Star Sammy Hagar and Chef Jacques Pepin Have In Common
02:04:42 Dan Pashman ; WNYC
The Great Office Coffee Election
02:31:36 Dan Pashman ; WNYC
Raina One Year Later
03:08:02 Unknown Artist
03:12:34 Mike Diesel
Voice 017 -- station ID
03:12:52 Dan Pashman ; WNYC
The Restaurateur Who Got Rid Of Tipping
03:36:55 Dan Pashman ; WNYC
A Trunk Full Of Truffles
04:10:03 Dan Pashman ; WNYC
Thanksgiving Is For Eaters (with Amy Sedaris)
05:02:53 Mike Diesel
Voice 007 -- station ID
05:03:04 Unknown Artist
05:06:52 Dan Pashman ; WNYC
Calls: The Cat, The Mother-in-Law, And The Pie
05:18:49 Dan Pashman ; WNYC
Finding A Good Meal In A War Zone
05:44:42 Dan Pashman ; WNYC
Other People's Food Pt. 5: Your Mom's Crappy Casserole Repeat
06:17:18 Dan Pashman ; WNYC
New Jersey's Pork Roll-Taylor Ham Wars
06:45:10 Mike Diesel
Voice 013 - station ID
06:45:38 Zakee McGill, John Case
are y ou cazy jan 11
08:00:41 Splendid Table
08:20:26 John Case, Zakee McGill, John Aldis
Are You Crazy? 10.12.16
11:04:18 Splendid Table
11:57:24 Splendid Table
12:51:11Splendid Table Splendid Table
13:46:09 Mike Diesel
Voice 008 -- station ID
13:46:26 Splendid Table
14:39:36Splendid Table Splendid Table

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