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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Benny Snyder's Country Roads Playlist -- Thursday Feb 2, 2017

Begins 8:30 PM EST on EPIC Radio.

Times (in hrs:min) are relative to 8:30

00:00:00 David Allan Coe Willie, Waylon and Me
00:03:06 Toby Keith Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)
00:06:18 Patsy Cline Walkin' After Midnight
00:08:14 Patsy Cline I Fall to Pieces
00:10:57 David Allan Coe She Used to Love Me a Lot
00:13:52 Hank Williams III Mississippi Mud
00:17:07 Townes Van Zandt Pancho & Lefty
00:21:03 Marty Robbins Beyond the Reef
00:24:05 Hank Williams III Cecil Brown
00:27:30 Jerry Reed You Took All the Ramblin' Out of Me
00:29:37 Garth Brooks The River
00:33:41 Dwight Yoakam Two Doors Down
00:37:27 Marty Robbins Unchained Melody
00:39:42 Toby Keith The Taliban Song
00:43:40 Wynonna Judd Girls With Guitars
00:46:49 Lyle Lovett Don't Touch My Hat
00:50:26 Willie Nelson Look What Thoughts Will Do
00:53:02 Lyle Lovett Why I Don't Know
00:55:34 John Anderson Would You Catch a Falling Star
00:58:26 Toby Keith Made in America
01:01:35 Lyle Lovett Farther Down the Line
01:04:31 Tanya Tucker Soon
01:07:51 Garth Brooks If Tomorrow Never Comes
01:11:25 Patsy Cline Back in Baby's Arms
01:13:22 Junior Brown Party Lights
01:16:07 Willie Nelson Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
01:18:20 Garth Brooks Two of a Kind, Workin' on a Full House
01:20:47 Jerry Reed A Good Woman's Love
01:23:33 David Allan Coe; Dickey Betts; Kris Kristofferson Hank Williams Junior-Junior
01:26:09 Willie Nelson Heartbreak Hotel
01:29:05 Garth Brooks We Shall Be Free
01:32:41 Toby Keith Country Comes to Town
01:36:16 Pure Prairie League Don't Keep Me Hangin'
01:39:49 Marty Robbins Too Young
01:42:26 Tanya Tucker You Just Watch Me
01:46:41 Toby Keith Baddest Boots
01:51:01 Garth Brooks Papa Loved Mama
01:53:43 David Allan Coe You Never Even Called Me by My Name
01:58:54 Lyle Lovett This Old Porch
02:02:59 Willie Nelson Till I Gain Control Again [Live]
02:08:40 Jerry Reed The Uptown Poker Club
02:12:07 Mike Diesel Voice 012 -- Station ID
02:12:32 Pure Prairie League Janny Lou [*]
02:16:49 Dwight Yoakam This Time
02:20:38 Wynonna Judd Only Love
02:23:59 Mike Diesel Voice 017 -- station ID
02:24:16 Shania Twain Up!
02:28:58 Townes Van Zandt Our Mother the Mountain
02:31:51 Marty Robbins Refer Him to Me
02:34:14 David Allan Coe Would You Lay with Me (In a Field of Stone)
02:36:49 Johnny Cash; Kris Kristofferson; The Highwaymen; Waylon Jennings; Willie Nelson Living Legend
02:40:36 Mike Diesel Voice 011 -- Station ID
02:41:01 Patsy Cline She's Got You
02:43:55 Lyle Lovett Fiona
02:47:57 Garth Brooks American Honky-Tonk Bar Association
02:51:25 Willie Nelson Whiskey River [Live]
02:54:53 Toby Keith Whiskey Girl
02:58:43 Toby Keith Good to Go to Mexico
03:01:36 Toby Keith Sweet
03:04:30 Junior Brown Sugar Foot Rag [Instrumental]
03:08:30 Wynonna Judd Heaven Help My Heart
03:14:20 Dwight Yoakam Pocket of a Clown
03:17:10 Wynonna Judd She Is His Only Need
03:21:28 Mike Diesel Voice 011 -- Station ID
03:21:53 Shania Twain Ka-Ching!
03:25:53 LeAnn Rimes One Way Ticket (Because I Can)
03:29:28 Toby Keith Weed With Willie
03:33:28 Hank Williams III Nighttime Ramblin' Man
03:36:14 Pure Prairie League I Can't Stop This Feelin'
03:39:41 Garth Brooks The Thunder Rolls
03:43:16 LeAnn Rimes I'll Get Even with You
03:46:28 Toby Keith Who's Your Daddy?
03:50:16 Toby Keith Losing My Touch
03:53:21 Dwight Yoakam Lonesome Roads
03:56:22 Garth Brooks Shameless
04:00:33 Wynonna Judd No One Else on Earth [#][Club Mix]
04:04:36 Marty Robbins Kingston Girl
04:06:32 Willie Nelson Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground
04:10:54 Toby Keith Time for Me to Ride
04:16:04 Patsy Cline So Wrong
04:19:00 Toby Keith It Works for Me
04:21:53 Dwight Yoakam Try Not to Look So Pretty
04:24:42 The Highwaymen The Road Goes on Forever
04:29:05 Pure Prairie League Falling in and Out of Love
04:31:13 Willie Nelson Good Hearted Woman
04:34:03 Garth Brooks That Summer
04:38:43 David Allan Coe Now I Lay Me Down to Cheat
04:41:59 Toby Keith You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This
04:45:30 Townes Van Zandt Colorado Girl
04:48:51 David Allan Coe Longhaired Redneck
04:52:07 Lyle Lovett An Acceptable Level of Ecstasy (The Wedding Song)
04:55:27 Toby Keith I Need to Hear a Country Song
04:58:30 Toby Keith Red Solo Cup
05:02:07 Toby Keith Beers Ago
05:05:30 David Allan Coe Jody Like a Melody
05:08:04 Willie Nelson If You Could Touch Her at All
05:11:29 Toby Keith Live Introduction by Toby of "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The
05:12:54 Willie Nelson My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
05:15:50 Marty Robbins Oh, How I Miss You (Since You Went Away)
05:17:52 Willie Nelson Stay All Night (Stay a Little Longer) [Live]
05:21:12 The Highwaymen Welfare Line
05:23:39 Mike Diesel Voice 013 - station ID
05:24:07 The Highwaymen City of New Orleans [#][Live][Live]
05:29:13 The Highwaymen One Too Many Mornings [#]
05:31:41 Marty Robbins Five Brothers
05:33:50 Jerry Reed I Love You, What Can I Say
05:37:18 Tanya Tucker We Don't Have to Do This
05:40:57 Toby Keith You Ain't Much Fun [#][Live]
05:45:12 Toby Keith The Critic
05:49:10 Patsy Cline Faded Love
05:52:48 Toby Keith My List
05:56:00 Hank Williams III Callin' Your Name
05:59:05 Toby Keith Stays in Mexico [#]
06:02:37 Mike Diesel Voice 008 -- station ID
06:02:54 David Allan Coe Tennessee Whiskey
06:05:49 Wynonna Judd Rock Bottom [#][Single Version]
06:08:50 Willie Nelson If You've Got the Money (I've Got the Time)
06:10:47 Toby Keith; Willie Nelson Beer for My Horses
06:14:07 Lyle Lovett Christmas Morning
06:17:40 Marty Robbins Big Iron
06:21:34 David Allan Coe If That Ain't Country
06:26:11 Mike Diesel Voice 012 -- Station ID
06:26:36 Junior Brown Guit-Steel Blues
06:37:46 Hank Williams III Walkin' With Sorrow
06:40:37 Jerry Reed Lord, Mr. Ford
06:43:53 Junior Brown; Tanya Rae Brown So Close Yet So Far Away
06:47:25 LeAnn Rimes My Baby
06:50:10 Jerry Reed The Crude Oil Blues
06:52:35 Hank Williams III 5 Shots of Whiskey
06:56:48 Jerry Reed Amos Moses
06:59:01 Pure Prairie League Something in the Night
07:01:32 Toby Keith Just Another Sundown
07:04:12 Townes Van Zandt To Live Is to Fly
07:08:15 Marty Robbins Mister Teardrop
07:10:59 Tanya Tucker Silence Is King
07:15:00 Jimmie Vaughan; Junior Brown My Wife Thinks You're Dead
07:18:44 Lyle Lovett Cowboy Man
07:21:23 Lyle Lovett It Ought to Be Easier
07:25:25 Toby Keith I Love This Bar
07:30:44 Marty Robbins Paper Face
07:32:58 John Anderson Money in the Bank
07:35:56 Pure Prairie League You're Mine Tonight
07:39:15 Lyle Lovett Our Lady Of The Well
07:42:58 Shania Twain Nah!
07:46:57 Garth Brooks Friends in Low Places
07:51:07 Pure Prairie League Amie
07:55:21 Lyle Lovett The Road to Ensenada
07:59:22 MIke Diesel Voice 010 -- Station ID
07:59:31 Mike Diesel Voice 013 - station ID
07:59:59 Toby Keith I'm Just Talkin' About Tonight
08:02:38 Toby Keith If I Was Jesus
08:06:13 Patsy Cline Sweet Dreams
08:08:40 Toby Keith I Wanna Talk About Me
08:11:36 Willie Nelson I'd Have to Be Crazy
08:14:55 Patsy Cline Strange
08:17:08 Dwight Yoakam Wild Ride
08:21:45 John Anderson Black Sheep
08:24:48 Dwight Yoakam Fast as You
08:29:32 Townes Van Zandt White Freightliner Blues
08:33:44 Toby Keith Club Zydeco Moon
08:36:50 Pure Prairie League That'll Be the Day
08:38:56 Jerry Reed The Claw
08:40:53 Townes Van Zandt Tower Song
08:43:54 Lyle Lovett Who Loves You Better
08:48:32 Mike Diesel Voice 008 -- station ID
08:48:49 Dwight Yoakam Home for Sale
08:52:23 Marty Robbins Up in the Air
08:54:50 Shania Twain C'est la Vie
08:58:15 Lyle Lovett That's Right (You're Not from Texas)
09:03:06 Toby Keith Rock You Baby
09:06:59 Mike Diesel Voice 007 -- get some
09:07:10 John Anderson Wild and Blue
09:10:03 Johnny Cash; Kris Kristofferson; The Highwaymen; Waylon Jennings; Willie Nelson American Remains
09:14:01 Eddy Arnold; LeAnn Rimes Cattle Call
09:17:01 Jerry Reed The Bird
09:20:11 Shania Twain She's Not Just a Pretty Face
09:23:30 Townes Van Zandt Brother Flower
09:26:09 Mike Diesel Voice 016 -- station ID
09:26:43 Toby Keith I Won't Let You Down
09:31:45 Junior Brown Holding Pattern
09:35:08 Jerry Reed When You're Hot, You're Hot
09:37:21 David Allan Coe The Ride
09:40:18 Lyle Lovett Closing Time
09:43:50 Shania Twain Ain't No Particular Way
09:47:48 John Anderson Bend It Til' It Breaks
09:52:22 John Anderson Seminole Wind
09:57:09 MIke Diesel Voice 010 -- Station ID
09:57:18 Garth Brooks Standing Outside the Fire
10:01:03 LeAnn Rimes Honestly
10:04:16 Lyle Lovett Rosie
10:07:50 Patsy Cline Why Can't He Be You
10:11:18 David Allan Coe Take This Job and Shove It
10:14:07 Willie Nelson Uncloudy Day
10:18:41 John Anderson I've Got It Made
10:21:29 John Anderson Straight Tequila Night
10:24:07 Marty Robbins Hurt
10:26:56 Junior Brown Highway Patrol
10:29:27 Townes Van Zandt Rex's Blues
10:31:44 Lyle Lovett Her First Mistake
10:38:02 Townes Van Zandt Tecumseh Valley
10:42:36 The Highwaymen The King Is Gone (So Are You) [#][Live][Live]
10:46:01 Johnny Cash; Kris Kristofferson; The Highwaymen; Waylon Jennings; Willie Nelson Born and Raised in Black and White
10:49:54 Lyle Lovett Promises
10:52:49 Garth Brooks Unanswered Prayers
10:56:08 Lyle Lovett You Can't Resist It
10:59:14 Eddy Arnold; LeAnn Rimes Fade to Blue
11:02:09 Pure Prairie League Tell Me One More Time [*]
11:06:05 Lyle Lovett I Can't Love You Anymore
11:09:10 Mike Diesel Voice 009 - station ID
11:09:27 Dwight Yoakam This Time
11:13:16 The Highwaymen Desperados Waiting for a Train
11:17:40 Lyle Lovett If I Were the Man You Wanted
11:21:25 Willie Nelson Help Me Make It Through the Night
11:25:16 Jerry Reed Another Puff
11:29:18 Shania Twain I'm Gonna Getcha Good!
11:32:10 Willie Nelson Heartaches of a Fool
11:34:32 Toby Keith Go With Her [#]
11:38:03 LeAnn Rimes Talk to Me
11:41:12 Garth Brooks The Dance
11:44:52 Toby Keith South of You
11:48:26 Pure Prairie League Let Me Love You Tonight
11:51:01 Tanya Tucker Sneaky Moon
11:54:12 Lyle Lovett The Waltzing Fool
11:57:48 Patsy Cline Leavin' on Your Mind
12:00:09 Garth Brooks Ain't Goin' Down (Til the Sun Comes Up)
12:04:36 John Anderson Wish I Could Have Been There
12:08:08 The Highwaymen Highwayman
12:11:04 Jerry Reed She Got the Goldmine (I Got the Shaft)
12:14:11 Marty Robbins El Paso
12:18:29 Toby Keith Who's Your Daddy?
12:22:18 David Allan Coe Jack Daniel's, If You Please
12:25:29 LeAnn Rimes Hurt Me
12:28:17 Mike Diesel Voice 007 -- station ID
12:28:28 Toby Keith Chill-Axin'
12:31:39 Jerry Reed Smell the Flowers
12:34:01 Townes Van Zandt If I Needed You
12:36:38 John Anderson I'm Just an Old Chunk of Coal (But I'm Going to Be a Diamond Someday)
12:40:20 Dwight Yoakam A Thousand Miles from Nowhere
12:44:39 Junior Brown Names and Addresses
12:47:10 David Allan Coe Please Come to Boston
12:51:15 Toby Keith Ain't It Just Like You
12:54:59 Toby Keith Clancy's Tavern
12:58:36 Garth Brooks What She's Doing Now
13:01:54 David Allan Coe Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile
13:05:25 LeAnn Rimes Good Lookin' Man
13:08:33 Willie Nelson Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow up to Be Cowboys
13:11:49 Pure Prairie League I'll Be Damned
13:14:27 Townes Van Zandt Lungs
13:16:59 John Anderson Swingin'
13:19:48 Jerry Reed Ko-Ko Joe
13:22:16 Lyle Lovett God Will
13:24:21 Marty Robbins To Each His Own
13:26:10 Wynonna Judd My Strongest Weakness
13:30:21 Mike Diesel Voice 014 -- Station ID
13:30:45 Willie Nelson Faded Love
13:34:22 Toby Keith Huckleberry
13:37:43 Jerry Reed East Bound and Down [From Film Smokey and the Bandit]
13:40:23 Hank Williams III Atlantic City
13:44:52 Wynonna Judd Is It Over Yet [#][Single Version]
13:48:32 Marty Robbins Theblues Country Style
13:51:05 Shania Twain I'm Jealous
13:54:19 Wynonna Judd To Be Loved by You
13:58:55 Pure Prairie League I'm Almost Ready
14:02:28 Toby Keith Should've Been a Cowboy [#][Live]
14:07:24 Toby Keith Rodeo Moon
14:11:02 Hank Williams III Trashville
14:14:12 MIke Diesel Voice 018 -- Staion ID
14:14:29 Lyle Lovett Private Conversation
14:18:52 The Highwaymen Against the Wind
14:22:31 LeAnn Rimes Blue
14:25:13 Tanya Tucker A Blue Guitar
14:27:58 Jerry Reed A Thing Called Love
14:30:13 Tanya Tucker Let the Good Times Roll
14:33:41 Shania Twain It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing
14:37:00 Mike Diesel Voice 015 -- Station ID
14:37:30 Toby Keith Don't Leave, I Think I Love You
14:41:01 The Highwaymen Big River [#][Live][Live]
14:44:18 Patsy Cline Crazy
14:46:55 Willie Nelson Railroad Lady
14:49:29 Hank Williams III Whiskey, Weed, & Women
14:53:31 Marty Robbins Don't Throw Me Away
14:56:50 Shania Twain (Wanna Get to Know You) That Good!
15:00:22 Townes Van Zandt For the Sake of the Song
15:04:55 Patsy Cline You're Stronger Than Me
15:07:48 Tanya Tucker Come on Honey
15:11:05 Toby Keith American Soldier
15:15:05 Toby Keith Nights I Can't Remember, Friends I'll Never Forget
15:18:57 Jerry Reed Let's Sing Our Song
15:21:24 Marty Robbins A White Sport Coat (And a Pink Carnation)
15:23:51 Dwight Yoakam King of Fools
15:27:40 Willie Nelson Georgia on My Mind
15:31:48 Junior Brown You Didn't Have to Go All Theway
15:34:09 Jerry Reed Guitar Man
15:36:33 Tanya Tucker I Love You Anyway
15:39:10 Mike Diesel Voice 009 - station ID
15:39:27 John Anderson I Just Came Home to Count the Memories
15:43:03 Shania Twain Juanita
15:47:16 Johnny Cash; Kris Kristofferson; The Highwaymen; Waylon Jennings; Willie Nelson The Last Cowboy Song
15:50:15 LeAnn Rimes The Light in Your Eyes
15:53:24 Pure Prairie League Still Right Here in My Heart
15:56:12 Mike Diesel Voice 007 -- station ID
15:56:23 John Anderson When It Comes to You
16:00:51 Marty Robbins Running Gun
16:03:00 Toby Keith; Willie Nelson Beer for My Horses
16:06:20 Pure Prairie League Two Lane Highway
16:10:21 Junior Brown Doin' What Comes Easy to a Fool
16:12:56 Toby Keith That's Not How It Is
16:16:26 Tanya Tucker Hangin' It
16:19:43 Hank Williams III Broke, Lovesick & Driftin'
16:22:01 Johnny Cash; Kris Kristofferson; The Highwaymen; Waylon Jennings; Willie Nelson Silver Stallion
16:25:07 Wynonna Judd Tell Me Why
16:28:45 Garth Brooks Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)
16:31:38 Townes Van Zandt No Place to Fall
16:34:43 John Anderson 1959
16:37:45 Dwight Yoakam Ain't That Lonely Yet
16:40:50 Jerry Reed Alabama Jubilee
16:43:45 Garth Brooks Rodeo
16:47:27 Garth Brooks Callin' Baton Rouge
16:49:57 David Allan Coe; George Jones This Bottle (In My Hand)
16:52:41 Hank Williams III 7 Months, 39 Days
16:56:02 Townes Van Zandt Don't You Take It Too Bad
16:59:31 Junior Brown Still Life With Rose
17:02:18 Townes Van Zandt Dollar Bill Blues
17:04:36 Townes Van Zandt Flying Shoes
17:08:01 Hank Williams III Atlantic City
17:16:28 Jerry Reed Texas Bound and Flyin' [From Film Smokey and the Bandit II]
17:19:38 Toby Keith How Do You Like Me Now?
17:22:52 Wynonna Judd I Saw the Light
17:26:37 Toby Keith Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)
17:29:49 Willie Nelson On the Road Again
17:32:12 Shania Twain Forever and for Always
17:35:49 Lyle Lovett Long Tall Texan
17:39:04 Hank Williams III Lovin' & Huggin'
17:40:54 Toby Keith It's All Good
17:44:04 Toby Keith Tryin' to Fall in Love
17:46:35 Hank Williams III One Horse Town
17:49:20 David Allan Coe Pledging My Love
17:53:03 Mike Diesel Voice 015 -- Station ID
17:53:33 Townes Van Zandt Waitin' 'Round to Die
17:56:41 Junior Brown The Gal from Oklahoma
17:58:48 The Highwaymen Live Forever

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