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Friday, January 13, 2017

Fwd: Friday interviews confirmed for 8:00 and 8:30 am

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Hi John and Zakee,

Paul Taylor, the new attorney for the family of Wayne Jones, has confirmed a STUDIO  interview for tomorrow, Jan. 13, at 8:30 am.

FYI to Zakee: Note that I requested Paul's interview on the same email string earlier used by Zakee to offer the assistance to the Jones family of both the NAACP chapter and Shepherdstown Friends. I thought that by mentioning an EPIC Radio interview on the same string, as another means of support in seeking justice for Wayne, may help all of us in the Martinsburg/Shepherdstown areas to improve our support from Taylor, Wayne's family and other Winchester area activists.

Zakee's letter and the offers he made were exceptionally kind.  And congratulations to him, incidentally, on his election as NAACP chapter president. I for one look forward to the positive leadership I think he'll offer.

I have the banners and other signs for tomorrow's Wayne Jones vigil in Martinsburg, and will arrive with them about 11:45 am. Hope to see you there.

Tomorrow's interviews are the following:

7:30 am --    (OPEN. (I do not plan to request an interview.)

8:00 am --    Religious tolerance in Washington County -- a forum scheduled in part because of the country's extreme political polarization (Ed Poling and Rabbi Ari Plost, of a                          synagogue in Hagerstown. Ed will be calling in; I'm not sure at this point whether Ari will be calling or coming to the studio

                   .Rabbi Ari Plost
                          Congregation B'Nai Abraham, Hagerstown

                   Rev. Edward Poling, Coordinator
                   Interfaith Coalition of Washington County

8:30 am --    Lawyer Paul Taylor re: updates on seeking justice in the Wayne Jones killing.
                   Paul G. Taylor,  Attorney-at-Law, Martiinsburg

Paul G. Taylor's profile
Take care.

John Case
Harpers Ferry, WV

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