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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

OCCUPY West Virginia on EPIC Radio

Occupy West Virginia on EPIC Radio November 15, 2016  

Our call in line is: 304-885-0708

Our player is here, and here

7:30 - 9:00 AM

John Case and Mike Diesel host the beginning of many anti-Fascist programs, that will persist until the Fascist Creep and his entire entourage is defeated, or jailed, or passed on.

John Bachtell, Chair of the Communist Party, and an old Bolshevik, as well as a writer for the Peoples World newspaper out of Chicago will join us at 7:30 by phone. A dose of genuine Bolshevism is EXACTLY what American politics requires to defeat a Fascist regime, or a Tsar.

The Higher Wages and Equality Association is recruiting organizers, reporters and broadcasters to defeat the Fascist plague which has descended on our nation. Sign up here to get an early copy of the soon to be released beta Manifesto of the association, and to take part in its drafting.

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