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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Fwd: Next week's High on the Mountain show

via Erik Janus, Host of "High on the Mountain"  The Tuesday, NOV 8 High On The Mountain Show!

Matt, Mike, Mary, Rusty --

Thanks to all of you for agreeing to help participate in the 11/8 broadcast of our show "High on the Mountain" on the one, the only Eastern Panhandle Independent Community (EPIC) radio.

Here's the timings and topics I was hoping to go with for next week.

Mary, join me at 11:30 or a little earlier, please.

Matt, Mike - love the idea of both of you being on at the same time if possible. Should be OK.  (I've copied our leader, John Case, whom I hope to also have in the studio with me ...)  Please join a few minutes after 12 noon.

Rusty, join me at like 12:35 or :12:40 and stay with me through the end  (1 pm)

FINGERS CROSSED, this will be a great show!!  

- Erik


ELECTION DAY! November 8, 2016

11 am OPEN with ISD live from the Columbia River Bluegrass Festival 2009

TODAY'S show will feature ~~
- More cannabis news not fit to print from around the country and world
- Discussion with the co-founder and Executive Director of Compassion West Virginia, Rev. Mary Burch Nichols  (11:30 or so)
- Matt Simon (Marijuana Policy Project) and Mike Manypenny (Candidate US House District 1) to discuss Mike's campaign in WV, efforts he and Matt have already put into WV and what's ahead
- Matt and Mike to hopefully also review the importance of the NINE state ballots around the US (12 noon to ~ 12: 30 pm)
- Rusty Williams will call in to share his patient story, his connection to Bill Flanigan, and to help discuss ongoing reform efforts in Charleston, a new legislator scorecard that has been prepared to give our current legislators as grade of A to F on cannabis reform  (~ 12: 40 to end)

Erik R. Janus

President, M³ Technical & Regulatory Services
Director of Business Operations, Compassion West Virginia
Advisor, PETA International Science Consortium Ltd.
Board of Directors, WV Hemp Industries Association/Hemp Farmers Cooperative
Registered Lobbyist, State of West Virginia 

Shepherdstown, WV

See M³ Technical & Regulatory's profile on Budding.
See Erik's profiles on LinkedIn and ResearchGate.


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