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Monday, October 24, 2016

The Fascist Danger -- On Occupy EPIC -- Tuesday Oct 25.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 on Occupy EPIC Radio

7:30 AM EST -- call in line: 304-885-0708

The theme of the discussion is:The Fascist Danger.  

I am sure many, if not all of us on the side of the glass half full perspective on the future of humanity, have used, or considered using, the word "Fascist" in connection with the Trump phenomenon. What do we mean by that? Is it mainly weaknesses in democracy and equality that foster it? Is it economically determined? Is it a fatal human flaw? What is the path out? What are the best chances for positive momentum on the inequality questions (reversing austerity) after a Clinton victory -- both in legislatures and the streets -- would that lessen the "fascist" threat?

Reporting from the socialism and democracy team:

Carl Davidson, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, CCDS

Chauncey Robinson, Peoples World

John Case, Patience Wait -- Occupy West Virginia. EPIC Radio

Including: A Moment of Remembrance for Tom Hayden

9:00 RockPile with Ben Snyder (aka Rooster) -- TWO HOURS OF SOLID, HARD and MOLTEN --


11:00 AM Re-broadcast of High On the Mountain from Oct 18 -- Erik Janus --Cannabis legislation in West Virginia

1:00 PM -- Speeches by Winston Churchill on the History Class on EPIC RADIO -- 1834-1940

4:00 PM -- Splendid Table on Urban Farming

5:00 PM -- Replays of Occupy

7:00 PM -- E.M Forster's Room With A View from Librivox.

In between and all Night: Bluegrass streams from our partner Internet Radio Stations

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