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Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday and Tuesday on EPIC Radio

Monday and Tuesday, Oct 17,18 on EPIC RADIO

7:30 The Poetry Show features some Case poems and parables

9:00 Best of the Left
  • Best of the Left: Today we look at the systems at play that put workers and everyday consumers at a constant disadvantage to their business-running overloads - but it has a hopeful ending! 
  •  C-SPAN Radio selections for 10/11 and 10/12
Noon: Fanny Crawford talks storytelling with Lyn Ford, a nationally known teller.

1PM: Pride and Prejudice on Literature Class

4:00 PM Food Talk from the Splendid Table

5:00 Replays of Best shows

7:00 Creepy Stories getting ready for Halloween.

9:00  Blues till Dawn

7:30 Occupy West Virginia features the socialist crew from Chicago, plus Dr Ray Smock, director of the Byrd Legislative Center at Shepherd University, on this extraordinary electoral season.

9:00 Rooster's Rockhead show: Hard Rock for a Hard Working Day

11:00 High On The Mountain -- Erik Janus approaches the environment from a scientific AND very modern point of view.

1:00 History Class

4:00 Food from the Splendid Table

5:00 Replays

7:00 Creepy tales

9:00 Bluegrass till dawn

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