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Friday, September 16, 2016

Paris On the Potomac at EPIC Radio


The Paris on the Potomac Show


7:30 AM  TODAY -- JOHN CASE AND Karen Caudle on all things Shepherdstown

WITH David Manthos from SKYTRuth.ORG and JIM Probst from Citizens Climate lobby

CALL IN LINE: 304-885-0708

Citizens climate Lobby is an international organization started in San Diego in 2007 with presently 341 chapters in the US, [5in WV] and at least a dozen other countries. We work to create the political will for a livable world. We do this through outreach, such as the event on Thurs. as well as letters and opeds in print media and radio and TV. Are primary focus is our proposal known as Fee and Dividend which would put a steadily rising fee on carbon emissions with the monies collected returned in the form of a dividend to US
households in equal shares. 

The effect of this would be to make fossil fuel produced energy more expensive and  renewables would become more competitive and ultimately rise to the top as the most efficient and sustainable way to produce our energy needs. We anticipate that our
proposal will be introduced as a bill in the next congress and we are looking for all hands on deck to help promote this first.

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