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Friday, September 9, 2016

Paris On the Potomac 9/9/16

Paris On the Potomac

Broadcasting from Shepherdstown, West Virginia
Streaming on  EPIC RADIO

7:30 - 9 AM this morning, a hot and humid September 9, 2016,: John Case and Karen Valentine review the Shepherdstown scene, the heaven part of "almost heaven" West Virginia!

9 AM: Workers Independent News, Randi Rhodes, Jim Hightower, 

Classical Music until 3 PM

3PM: Co Broadcast of The Extended Porch with Ralph Petrie, via WSHC

5PM: Co Broadcast of the Friday Blues Show with R Ford, via WSHC.

7PM: Rebroadcast of Rag Radio from Austin Texas: Whoa Thorne!

All Night: Country Music from a partner station in Arizona!

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