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Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Eastern Panhandle Independent Community Radio (EPIC RADIO) Founded.

Listen to it anytime, on any device HERE.

Check our Blog (and Facebook and Twitter) for updates.

The Winners and Losers Radio Program, the Extended Porch, The Friday Blues show, and other WSHC classics can now be heard on IPhones, Androids, PC and Mac computers.

EPIC radio was founded August 18, 2016, as a result of being  expelled from WSHC at Shepherd University for "partisan political programming". There is no disguising the political cowardice evident in Shepherd's caving to extreme right wing threats and intimidation. The Winners and Losers Radio Program violated no law or statute -- indeed was a chief advocate of programming, including political, diversity at WSHC.  Every communication from the general counsel of Shepherd to me affirmed that. 

However, there are two ways to look at what appears a cowardly act. An observer at an early revolutionary war battlefield in North Carolina noted the "shameful spinelessness" of militia troops retreating in disarray from the sounds of British Regulars in the distance---Until he witnessed the massive arrays of Regulars rising over a hill -- then he too retired from the field! We will leave it to listeners and readers to judge whether this particular incarnation of free speech suppression was true cowardice or prudence. In either case  -- keep you're eyes on the hill --- caving to the far Right will not appease them, and, they have no observable regard for higher education at all.

In addition the dispute over "partisan political programming" was only the most recent flare up in a series of WSHC retreats from a mission of student-community programming, to just student programming. Not only that, "student programming" acquired a different meaning from student-produced shows to: play automated music students like, at least according to a commercial radio survey.

But enough of the past: Upon notice of cancellation at Shepherd, we immediately brought up an Internet Station online and were broadcasting from my home in Harpers Ferry all of last week. Though still broadcasting a limited agenda, we have not missed A SINGLE DAY. 

At our foundation meeting last Thursday, we broadened out beyond Shepherd and established the Eastern Panhandle Independent Community Radio. Beginning Wednesday,we will be taking up 116 German Street lodgings above the Four Seasons Bookstore (or is that 221B Baker St....)  -- our NEW studio! And a perfect location with our long time friends, sponsors and underwriters, Mike and Ruth Raubertas. All the community programming that was discouraged at Shepherd University is now possible! 

Other actions:

  • purchased two production computers
  • purchased cheap soundboard
  • acquired microphones and stands
  • have startup internet service
  • have startup electric, water, bathroom
  • have donated labor on several fronts
To do ths week:

  • review website
  • incorporate
  • set up accounts
  • initialize non-profit
  • prepare new studio
  • configure production internet radio station.

Stay tuned for more!!

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