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Thursday, October 29, 2020

The Talkin Socialism Show: Let Fear Become Your Fuel

 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez On the Election

October 30, Plague Year
From Enlighten Radio

9AM eastern time, Fridays

LIVE on the Socialist Economics\ FB group page.


The talkin' socialism show opens with this CLIP. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez delivers the best campaign ad yet. 

Preparations to mobilize, and organize ALL the labor, civil rights, pro democracy, anti-fascist, pro science, and socialist/progressive constituencies must take a top priority    until the defeat of Trump is complete, which is not likely  to happen before Biden and Harris take office. if then.,

 However, I submit there is no way out without a change in class relations. Which raises the difficult, and complex matter of how socialists should, and can, organize themselves. 

Scary. But AOC is righteous: Let Fear Become Fuel

Thursday, October 22, 2020

The Talkin Socialism Show -- The Obama Pitch

 The Obama Pitch -- Is It Enough?

9 AM, EST, October 23, Plague Year

The Talkin Socialism Show

LIVE on Facebook Socialist Economics\

President Obama addresses a Biden Harris Rally in Philly

Here is a link to the TRANSCRIPT

The Talkin Socialism Show, hosted weekly on Fridays with a wide ranging panel discussion. John Case, Larry Bish, JB Christensen, Mike Diesel, Patience Wait, Carl Davidson, Scott Marshall, James Boyd, Randy and Tina Shannon, Ted Boettner, Doc Aldis, and more!

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Talkin Socialism: The WV working class report.

 Friday, 9 AM, Eastern  Time
LIVE on Facebook's Socialist Economics Group Page

The VideoCast

The TS team** launches on Friday a topic that will be an ongoing discussion for Talkin' Socialism: The State of the West Virginia Working Class.

Thanks to Ted Boettner for recruiting Prof. Louis Martin, a labor historian from Chatham University  to assist us in in addressing West Virginia working class political organization and concerns where:
  •  the median wage is 16.00 per hour -- a dollar above what the minimum should be -- and;
  •  the educational attainment is ranked at the bottom, just above American Samoa and the Virgin Islands. 
  • African American households, 3.6% of the population, make 40% less than white households. 
  • Women make 33 % less than men.

Self reliance is held as a cultural virtue in West Virginia, although Federal payments to the state are bigger than the revenue it gets from the state. What's the "self reliant" path, if any, out of "the bottom".  How does COVID change the equation?

**John Case, JB Christensen, Carl Davidson, Scott Marshall, Randy and Tins Shannon Mike Diesel, Patience Wait, James Boyd, Doc Aldis, Ted Boettner, Gary Zuckett, and more....from  the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Talkin Socialism: The Desolation Row Show


LIVE on FB -- at Socialist Economics -- if they let us.

**The Talkin Socialism Team

Takes on the Zombie Apocalypse,
the Red Death,
And the End of the Trump Garden Party
headlined by the
Wraiths of Ricky Nelson 
Marvin Gaye

Larry Summers and Joe Stiglitz join briefly

"There will be no tip....but....on your deathbed....

**Doc Aldis, Larry Bish, James Boyd, Jcase, JB Christesen, (Diesel, Patience), Carl Davidson, Randy and Tina, Ted Boettner, Gary Zucker, Scott Marshall,
and other assorted contributors.