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Saturday, April 18, 2020

The End of the Road Podcast: Very Hard, followed by Wilderness

End of the Road

The End of the Road Show
Recorded Ides of April
Plague Year I

This is the third episode of the "End of the Road" program, broadcasting from Jefferson and Berkeley counties, West Virginia via the Red Caboose studio in Harpers Ferry. Mike Diesel, Larry Bish, John Case, with appearances by the Hound Dog, Tradesmen, Sorceresses, the Labor Council, Jazzmen, Farmers, Mystics, Communists, and a Hank of Hipsters --- and other vets from the Shepherdstown Radio years. Now at the End of the Road, Looking East.

We broadcast live on, 8 AM EST Wednesday Mornings.This show was recorded Wednesday, the Ides of April, Plague Year 1

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