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Monday, October 29, 2018

Podcast: NAME IN PROGRESS SHOW -- Bombs ifor the Libtards! -- 10.25.18

That's right, Friends. We did it again. Mike Diesel roared thru the Silence of the Osso Bucco Lamb Shanks. Only one squeak from Dr Lechter, and a shout out from Prez Kim Jung Un. Too bad for JB, who bailed for a football game--still a 'right' in America, if you got the ticket. But after a classic 'anger management' episode from Mike provoked by None Other than the Jefferson County Hound-dog from Peg Leg Lane in Shepherdstown, Mr. Bill, we got started on the Menu Below for "Dinner Out" , October 25, 2018, Bolivar, West Virginia, and

10-25-18 Radio Program

(In case you like our rundown on the universe, but you don't want to explain why to your boss, just say: "Don't mind them...", they're just kidding.)

Appetizer:  New Dim Sum:  "A Bomb in Your LibTard Mailbox"

Salad:  Release the Nukes!

Main Course: A Sampler of Debates

Sorbet: My Sisters and My Brothers from Railroad Earth

Dessert: Bonesaw Sherbert

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