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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Jazz All Day Til the SECOND "NO NAME YET" Dinner Out show

Smooth and Velour Jazz all day till 6 tonight.
THEN, Episode  Two of the 
No Name Yet Show

Its dinnertime at the Red Caboose Studio.

6 PM till dining is over 
(the player is at the top of the page)

The Listener Line:

Your Servers this evening: John Case, Mike Diesel, Larry Bish

Items on the Menu:

Appetizer:  New Dim Sum:  "A Bomb in Your LibTard Mailbox"

Salad:  Release the Nukes!

Main Course: A Sampler of Debates

Sorbet: My Sisters and My Brothers from Railroad Earth

Dessert: Bonesaw Sherbert

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