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Sunday, April 15, 2018

California explosion part seis -- plus more!

Today begins the latest evolution of 24/7 California Explosion -- of live performances!

The Headliners:

  • Taj Mahal--Immigrating to Los Angeles in 1964, Henry Saint Clair Fredericks uses the stage name Taj Mahal, a self-taught singer-songwriter and film composer who plays the guitar, piano, banjo, and harmonica, among many other instruments. He incorporates elements of world music into his works and has done much to reshape the definition and scope of blues music over the course of his almost 50-year career. 
  • Jackson Browne -- The southern california herald and Morpheus  of Melancholy -- Like Taj, a professional R & R singer-songwriter and bandman for nigh on 50 years.
  • Van Morrison -- This is a cheat, since Van lived in Fairfax, California only briefly a long time ago. But everything he says of Ireland is true of Northern California! The Los Angeles river sings a Celtic tune in the wet season. Hah
  • Keb' Mo'--Born in Compton, California --4-time Grammy winner and a(nother) major re-inventor of  the blues medium. From Papa John Creech till now, he has injected the blues into nearly every style of life and music, across the world. He finally gave up California and moved to Nashville. Oh well.

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