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Friday, April 6, 2018

California Back Alley Blowup -- Part Quatro

The latest storytelling shows from Fanny and Stas, and James Boyd's  Recovery Radio are circulating this month on, along with part quatro of the California Explosion:

24/7 for the next 48 hours:

Jack Johnson --- He's Hawaiian but graduated from Santa Barbara. Also professional surfer.
Counting Crows -- from Berkeley, California! Watch out when they are drunk on stage -- things get a bit adult. Recovering the satellites of American culture.

Dwight Yoakam -- The Western in Country and Western from Bakersfield, following the lead of Buck Owen.

Elvin Bishop -- born in Glendale -- a mile or so from where  I lived in Echo Park. A pre-Boomer, and classic guitarist for the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. ARG -- also coming up soon. We may not be able to cover california in just a month.

And of course, the Firesign Theater continues.


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