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Friday, March 9, 2018

Double Podcasts--The Moose Turd Cafe--Riddles of Confusion -- Divas Rule

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More riddle mastery from the Moose Turd Cafe -- this episode is the March 7 show broadcasted live at 7 AM on

The Playlist:

1. WV Teachers Victory -- a Red State rebellion goes leftward.

2. The Steel General -- the force of revolution through all time, and a fugue warrior to boot --- with help from Jared Bernstein -- explains the appeal, and curse, behind the Steel Tariff.

3. Sick of Repetition? Queen Jane visits the Cafe.

4. Socratic Humor and a Rooster and Hound Dog koan.

5. The Riddle Master of Hed Meets Deth, the High Ones Harpist

Download this episode (right click and save)

Divas around the world for International Women's MONTH on Enlighten Radio

The March 8 Moose Turd Cafe opens with Diana Krall and Friends -- DIVAS BEGINS.

call in, if you want to sound off: 304-885-0709

Other Items this morning:

1.Fermat's Last Theorem
2. Politics gets interesting in West Virginia
3. Short -- very short -- stories by women
4. Koans to get rolling
5. The Riddle Master set off to change the world.

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