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Monday, February 26, 2018

Moose Turd Cafe Changes -- And Programming for Week of Feb 26

Greetings Friends

The Moose Turd Cafe moves up to 7:AM this morning and features a 2-hour special

1. Richard Wolfe's Economic Update and other economic news

2. Teachers Strike Updates!

3 Barack Obama in Atlanta

4. Reading Craig Johnson's Walt Longmire novels.

10: AM -- We record Fanny Crawford and Stas Zielkowski doing their classic storytelling.

Noon: and onward: a continuation of the celebration of Black History Month.

On the Clockwheel:

  • 200 hours of john coltrane
  • UCLA archive of speeches by diverse African American leaders, poets, scientists, legends and presidents
Coming up in March: INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S Month -- Stay tuned to the blog.

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