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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Tuesday on Enlighten Radio: Tom Petty, The Moose Turd Cafe SRO After Slaughter,

Tom Petty Tops the Charts today -- The great rocker of Los Angeles is honored.

Tune into the Moose Turd Cafe at 6:30 -- Mike and John are on a new adventure in survival under fascism and horrors an everyday occurrence, like breakfast at the Moose Turd Cafe. Dr  Lechter recommends the blood recently spilled in your coffee.

AT 7:30 The ARe YOu CRazy? show brings insanity out into the morning and -- Jesus!--it's a skin burning experience. Looks like we all will lose some. Its gonna hurt. And a fire in the street, as Zappa warned, s not like a fire in the heart.

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Enlighten Radio goes on vacation tomorrow for a week, Oct 4 - Oct 11. Music and diverse programs will take the place of live programming. Probably won't login more than once a day. Off to Vermont


Everything comes next.


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