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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Program changes at Enlighen Radio

Hello Friends and Broadcasters

After considerable labors -- and too much time -- the new Enlighten Radio Studio is up and running in Bolivar, West Virginia. Apologies to all for the delays. A number of factors, including illness, intervened to prolong reaching a stable and affordable infrastructure to the station.

But now, all our services are working, and prepared to amplify an innovative and progressive Internet community radio platform.

Internet Radio will become the dominant form of radio in the future as all environments, from home to office to transportation to even the near wilderness are increasingly Internet aware. Ease of use and access will gradually, but ineluctably, overtake terrestrial audio over the airwaves.

An essential feature of Internet Radio, contrasted with terrestrial, is its ability to provide CONTENT ON DEMAND, in addition to regularly scheduled programs. At the same time, audiences have nearly infinite choices in content whereas terrestrial radio restricts content to mostly local and regional environments and can rarely air content on demand.

These features impose some constraints as well as opportunities on broadcasting.

In line with this, here is an update on guidelines for both existing and future programs.

1. Please consult the calendar if you are interested in hosting your own program. Anywhere you see musical programming on the calendar, note that that is currently run via automation, meaning live programming can replace it during any hours the studio is open,  namely 9 AM - 5 PM, Monday - Friday. The studio is the Red Caboose Studio in Bolivar, West Virginia. Please contact me at for details.

2. Generally speaking, to be successful and accessible on demand, shows should be podcast and linked to a website and social media for elementary publicity. No publicity generally means no listeners. Podcasts should rarely exceed one hour in length. 

3. Accordingly, the studio will provide 1 hour air time,  a raw audio mp3 file, but slightly edited for audio quality, and space on the station's site (called "democracy road") for $20. In addition, for an additional $20, the studio can provide and create a website dedicated to your program, with custom styling and feel, under the domain . It will also provide minimal training on updating the site. However podcast refinement and publicity tasks beyond this are the host's responsibility.

4. Podcast files require a title and description (of arbitrary length) which the program hosts must provide before the file can be uploaded to Podbean for distribution.

5. The station supports up to 3 hosts/guests at one time, as well as cd\vinyl\tape\smart phone\computer device accessory sources.. We can also support call-ins via Skype, cell phones, or Google Talk.

6. Remote broadcasting and streaming. By arrangement, Talk shows, or other types can be remotely hosted and run via Skype. Cost is the same since production and streaming  must still be managed remotely.  

7. COMING SOON, remote studio hosting. Minimal requirements for remote studio: Internet connected computer with decent sound card, microphone(s), sound board, headphones. This configuration would not require any additional streaming, podcasting or other accounts.



John Case, founder.

John Case
Harpers Ferry, WV

The Winners and Losers Radio Show
7-9 AM Weekdays, The Enlighten Radio Player Stream, 
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