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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Economic Updates, Best of the Left on Revolution Radio -- August 31 2017

7:30 Richard Wolff's Economic Updates:

1. Human Rights vs Water Economies: Updates on Trump vs Amazon over taxes, Americans dying younger, Monsanto profits at farmers' expense, and economics of homeless school children. Interview Ron Robinson on US crisis around access to and safety of water in US.

2.  Collective Action, for a change:  "Updates on consumers' battling airplane seat shrinkage, on a "free" press and buyers of Chicago's Sun-Times, on fake "jobs creation" for subsidies and publicity, and new museum features artists challenging capitalism. Interview Dr. Harriet Fraad on how and why so many hesitate so long before joining collective action to change economic and social conditions."

3. Belabored by Dissent: 
For the third time in recent months, a major union election has gone down to defeat in a Southern manufacturing facility—this time at the Nissan plant in Canton, Mississippi. The union busting was fierce and the support from politicians like Bernie Sanders and Jackson’s Chokwe Antar Lumumba and celebrities like Danny Glover wasn’t enough to put the workers over the top, but was there anything that could have been done differently? We speak with Chris Brooks of Labor Notes about organizing the South, the structural challenges the workers faced, and ideas for new strategies for organizing in an increasingly union-free USA.

We also look at an auto mechanics’ strike in Chicago and a union win at Facebook, at the dystopian horizon of Trumpian immigration policies, and microchips in workers’ bodies, implanted by the boss. For Argh, we consider the power of police union contracts, and the question of race in the battle against capital.

4. Belabored by Dissent 2:

Before fascism and political turmoil descended on the country this week, Trump was scheduled to showcase his grand plan for overhauling the nation’s infrastructure. So while you’re on the frontlines of resistance, we take a close look at Trump’s plan to stealthily privatize massive chunks of the the government, what it means for both public and private sector labor, and how the labor movement should respond. We speak with Georgetown history professor Joseph McCartin about the history of public worker unionism, the legacy of PATCO (the anti-union war waged by the President who was just anointed as Trump’s labor hero), and how today’s workers can build power across the workforce.
In other news we look at labor against white supremacy in California and North Carolina, scandal at the UAW, mobilizing against right-to-work in Missouri, and unions at the NAFTA talks. With reflections on why baby poop and marriage are labor issues.

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