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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Labor Beat Podcast -- WV Legislature with Bob Beach -- DC Labor Film Fest

This podcast of the Labor Beat Radio Program was broadcast on Enlighten Radio on April 28, 2017 in Shepherdstown West Virginia.. State Senator Bob Beach reviews the train wreck of Republican leadership on the West Virginia Legislature. Chris Garlock discusses the DC Labor Film Fest -- which will feature Matewan, a film of the early 20th Century struggle of Miners for union representation and recognition. Labor Beat regularly broadcasts Fridays 9--10:30 AM on Enlighten Radio.

JBs Notes: riday's Labor Beat will give you the skinny on DC's Labor FilmFest starting next month, Chris Garlock will be joining us at the top of the hour. There are several films that I am interested in seeing, I will post the lineup soon. Our next guest will be calling in from Morgantown where he is the state senator, Bob Beach will share his experiences of serving in the legislature, the budget debacle, and just be his very active and intuitive self. Open phones Friday in effect if you feel the need to share in the conversation. @John Case, Stewart Acuff, Christopher Garlock call in number is 304-885-0708

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