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Friday, April 21, 2017

Science and its enemies, Gas pains, Workers Memorial Day

Enlighten Radio Lineup for Friday, April 2, 2017

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Paris on the Potomac
7:30 am -- Anne Rule-Thompson C E R A M I C S

8:00 am -- We'll speak with the CEO of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, primary organizer of Saturday's March for Science in Washington DC and several hundred other locations worldwide. What are the best ways to use science to engage lawmakers after the march. responding to an apparent disregard for facts by Trump and many of those with whom he surrounds himself? How can we use science both to engage current lawmakers and as part of a major grassroots effort to build a new Congress.from the municipal level up? Calling us from DC will be Rush Holt, CEO of the science organization. < Be the force for science. - Learn what you can do -‎ Need help with a ride to the DC event? Click March for Science (all cities to DC) Rally from Media, PA to ... > The number of partner organizations the AAAS currently has, ranging from scientific societies to unions, reportedly approach 100. Scheduled Saturday -- Earth Day -- are almost 400 marches and rallies in 37 countries.

8:30 am -- We'll discuss the threat of natural gas pipelines to communities and drinking water sources in West Virginia and other areas of the U.S. as part of the Earth Day observance. Environmental activist Laura Steepleton, a leader of the fight in the Eastern Panhandle, will speak with us about community meetings she's helping organize to educate residents on the clean energy alternatives and to build resistance to the pipelines. Learn more about how you can get involved in the fight against proposed Mountaineer and TransCanada pipes that soon could be snaking their way through the Eastern Panhandle.

Labor Beat

9:00 AM -- Open phones friday on Labor Beat Radio show. Al Albert J. McGilvray formerly of WRNR radio in Martinsburg for many years will come on and give us his take on the current political mayhem and brag about the Red Sox, looking forward to some good discussion with a pro. Our regular contributor Mike Manypenny will be calling in from Grafton to talk about the medical marijuana bill and a growing Hemp industry in WV and how one can get involved. We have Worker's Memorial Day celebration on Saturday at Panhandle Earth Day in Morgan Grove, Shepherdstown. Music, Vendors, Solar Panels, recycling, Citizen Climate Lobby et al We'll be talking about this on the show. John Case Stewart Acuff Mike Diesel Calling in ? Dial 304-885-0708

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