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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Rockpile, Best of the Left, economic update -- Tusday on Enlighten Radio

Enlighten Radio Lineup -- Tuesday, April 18, 2017

1.  9:00 AM: Rockpile with Benny Snyder

2. 11:00 AM Best of the Left

  • Reckless Empire and the Forever War
  • An identity group that any one of us might join at any time (Disability Rights)
3. 1:30 PM -- Richard Wolf and Economic Update -- US Labor Unions: Past, Present, Future. Updates on United Airlines flier abuse, Cuomo’s flawed tuition plan, what to do as self-drive vehicles end millions of jobs, how big investors plan to cash in on Trump infrastructure plans. Interview Frank R. Annunziato on tragedy of US labor unions today, why that tragedy happened, and how to reverse it.

4. 2:30 and following:  Old Time Radio -- Philip Marlowe from CBS Radio

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