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Friday, April 14, 2017

Highwaymen and Jackson Browne visit the Radio

Enlighten Radio Lineup -- Good  Friday, April 14, 2017

The Warm up -- right now -- Highwaymen and Jackson Brown themes return....

Paris on the Potomac: 7:30 News and Features from the EAstern Panhandle

Labor Beat: 9:00 JB writes:

Easter Friday, Good Friday, open phones, Delegates Mick Bates & Shawn Fluharty have been invited to call in and discuss the budget and the session past. Jb Christensen is celebrating being a grandad and getting to hold the little girl Pepper last night in Baltimore, discussion will be had for sure. Our good friend and successful advocate for Medical Marijuana Jesse Johnson will be joining us from Charleston. Tom Hope may call in from Seattle to give us the left pulse and weigh in on this bombing DT has been doing lately MOAB? really? Join in the fun and have a Happy Easter Holiday y'all! John Case Stewart Acuff call in number is 304-885-0708

check the site later for details on the programming this afternoon:

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Geek City --- Technology and Gaming

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