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Friday, April 7, 2017

Dan Conant and Solar, Lynching history, Josh Sword, Sean O'Lear Interviews

Enlighten Radio Lineup -- April 7, 2017

Paris on the Potomac -- 7:30-9:00, Gayle Becker

8:00 am -- A discussion on the state of solar energy in West Virginia with representatives of an environmental group (Mountain Lakes Preservation Alliance), an environmental consulting firm (Downstream Strategies in Morgantown), and Dan Conant of Solar Holler.Dan will be in the studio; the others will be calling in.

8:30 am -- A discussion on race and racism: "A White Historian Confronts Lynching." Speaking with us by phone will be Susan Strasser -- Richards Professor of American History Emerita at the University of Delaware, She spoke at Shepherd University on Wednesday.

Labor Beat with JB Christense, John Case

9:00 Sean O'Leary -- we hope -- the pithiest of all WV political writers!

9:30 Josh Sword, President, WV AFL-CIO

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