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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Cordelia Gaffar, Bill Fletcher, Crazy Talk, Resistance Tak, and Food Talk -- Wednesday on Enlighten Radio

Enlighten Radio -- April 12, 2017

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7:30- 9:00 The Are You Crazy? Show -- Dr Zakee McGill welcomes Cordelia Gaffar, fitness guru, author & lecturer on ENLIGHTEN RADIO tomorrow at 8am to share her perspectives on the HEALTH & WELLNESS WEDNESDAYS show.

10:00 AM Resistance Radio with legendary organizer Stewart Acuff -- Stewart welcomes Bill Fletcher, a long time activist in the labor, civil rights, peace and solidarity movements.

11:00 AM -- Food Programming: The Splendid Table, Sporkful, The Nosh show -- and more.

3PM -- Jazz Till Dawn.

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