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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sunday, Feb 12, on EPIC Radio -- Philosophy, Religion, Bluegrass

Sunday Playlists for Religion and Philosophy. (After that Bluegrass all night! until the poetry show Monday!)

Here is our player

Philosophy follows three programs from This American Life

Beginning: 8:00 AM EST -- times below are relative to 8:00 AM

00:00:00 This American Life #609: It's Working Out Very Nicely
01:03:07 Mike Diesel Voice 008 -- station ID
01:03:24 This American Life #608: The Revolution Starts At Noon
02:11:18 MIke Diesel Voice 010 -- Station ID
02:11:27 This American Life #607: Didn't We Solve This One?

Quaker Radio

Times relative to approximately  11:10 AM

Quaker Radio features Liberation Theology Lectures, Pope Francis, and  a reprise of the classic 1960 Harvard Divinity Lecture of Paul Tillich.

00:00:00 Betsy Cazden Slave rebellions and Quaker anxiety in the turn against slavery
00:27:31 Mike Diesel Voice 011 -- Station ID
00:27:57 Jane Fremon Reaching Out and Across
00:37:53 Paul Tillich PaulTillichAtHarvard 1.12.1960
01:45:10 John J. O'Keefe and Wendy M. Wright Pope Francis and "Integral Humanism"
02:05:42 Jack Kerouac San Francisco Scene (The Beat Generation)
02:08:50 Franciscan Mission Service Liberation Theology Podcast Pt 2
02:42:00 Mike Diesel Voice 014 -- Station ID
02:42:24 Franciscan Mission Service Francis and the Foolishness of God Pt. 1
03:22:26 Franciscan Mission Service Francis and the Foolishness of God Pt. 2

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