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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Paris, Labor Beat and Resistance Radio Friday, Feb 3, 2017 Lineup

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Paris on the Potomac--7:30--9:00 AM EST

We'll discuss an upcoming college fair that draws more than 3,000 high school students hoping to win entry to one of the nation's  Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). Among African-American and other minority students invited to the Feb. 18 event in Alexandria, Va., are those from all four high schools in Berkeley County. Speaking with us in the studio will be Damon Wright, chairperson of the Berkeley County Schools Diversity Council, which among other things is coordinating free bus transportation for the county's 11th- and 12th-grade students attending. Representatives of more than 70 historically black colleges and universities will be available at the fair to discuss potential admissions and scholarships, including some "on-site admissions" that can be approved on the spot by college representatives. Registration for the trip must be made in advance through individual high schools, and documents needed for the fair include relevant test scores in sealed envelopes from the student's high school.

Labor Beat -- 9:00 AM: 10:30 AM

First up is our good friend and Senator John Unger to talk about the upcoming legislative session to start next week. Next we have the very consciousness of Morgan County Russell Mokhiber to discuss the meeting coming up soon in Hancock Md on the controversial pipeline project to bring Frack Gas to Virginia through our land and streams, not a good idea if you ask me. Our last guest is someone I've been thinking about getting on the show for some time, Ray Smock, of Shepherd U's Byrd Center will join us at 10 am. I'm excited for this show to begin. John Case Stewart Acuff Mike Diesel.

Resistance Radio with Stewart Acuff -- 11:00 AM -- Noon

The son of Fred Ross who discovered and developed. Cesar Chavez is coming on Resistance Radio next Wed. He will promote a bio of his father , talk about resistance to Trump and talk about his Ibew organizing program based on shop stewards. 

Later in the Day on EPIC Radio...

Sci-Fi Theater -- Beginning 12:15 PM.

A half Day long festival featuring an abridged version of Isaac Asimov's classic first "Foundation" novel.

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