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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Addicted!! On the Are You Crazy Show Podcast Nov 30

The Are You Crazy Show

LIVE! Wednesday, Nov 30, 2016

7:30 - 9:00 AM -- Our Player is Here

Our Call in Line is 304-885-0708

Dr McGill and Dr John Aldis discuss recent trends in the battle against opiate and alcohol addiction in Jefferson and Berkeley Counties of West Virginia. Tune-in for the real deal from hands on experts in the field.

OCCUPY West Virginia on EPIC Radio

EPIC Radio's Morning Zoo program

The Fascist Creep's offensive continues....

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7:30 -9:00 AM

Go on -- Do it -- CALL IN -- 304-885-0708

Monday, November 28, 2016

Poetry Monday APPROACHES, like a Bat, on EPIC RADIO

Poetry Monday -- Hail the Odes of Praise
New Collections and New Poetry from Pablo Neruda and Sharon Olds
Our Player is here, and here.
Tune in! 7:30 - 9:00 AM

CALL IN -- 304-885-0708

Sunday, November 27, 2016

9:00 AM Monday on EPIC: Trump’s economic plans could cripple government for a generation [feedly]

Trump's economic plans could cripple government for a generation

Listen to The Axe Files, a podcast with David Axelrod, about growing up in a family of renowned economists, what did and did not cause the financial crisis in 2008, and the economic implications of Trump's policy proposals.

 -- via my feedly newsfeed

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Holiday EPIC, Followed by Odes

EPIC Radio is Back ONLINE (after a brief illness)


Stay tuned for Holiday Music this weekend, followed by a  revised calendar beginning Monday, Nov 28.

Monday on The Poetry Show (7:30 - 9:00 AM): 

The ODES of Neruda and Olds

Things are changing and growing, at EPIC Radio where -- its late -- but, everything comes next.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving break at EPIC RADIO

We are taking a Thanksgiving break at the Winners and losers radio program on EPIC RADIO till Monday, Nov 28.

Also to give me time to get over a nasty cold. 🐮

Stay tuned for great music!


Monday, November 21, 2016

Anti-Fascist Poetry, Best of the Left, Fanny Crawford, Bluegrass

The Poetry Show on EPIC Radio -- November 21, 2016
Our Call-IN line: 304-885-0708

7:30: TODAY-- a continuation of Anti-Fascist Poetry: Neruda, Federico Garcia Lorca, and more...

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Skytruth, WV citizens Action, Chemical Spill lawsuits on EPIC Nov 18

Paris On the Potomac November 18, 2016
Our call in line is 304-885-0708

At 7:30 am your SkyTruth interview in the studio is scheduled ( .

At 8:00 am Eastern we'll have a call-in interview with Gary Zuckett, of WV CAG, to update a town hall discussion scheduled this evening. That interview will feature efforts to organize a progressive response in WV to the divisive election campaign we've endured (See further details below.)

At 8:30 am Eastern ,  we'll have a call-in interview with Kevin Thompson, lead counsel in the federal lawsuit involving the 2014 chemical spill in West Virginia, to discuss updates. These include a tentative $151 million settlement.

EPIC Radio -- November 17, 2016

6:30 Local News with Hound Dog and Abel Eakin
7:30:  Labor Beat on EPIC Radio: Sammi Brown and Kenny  Perdue
Our Player is here
Our call in Line: 304-885-0708

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

OCCUPY West Virginia on EPIC Radio

Occupy West Virginia on EPIC Radio November 15, 2016  

Our call in line is: 304-885-0708

Our player is here, and here

7:30 - 9:00 AM

John Case and Mike Diesel host the beginning of many anti-Fascist programs, that will persist until the Fascist Creep and his entire entourage is defeated, or jailed, or passed on.

John Bachtell, Chair of the Communist Party, and an old Bolshevik, as well as a writer for the Peoples World newspaper out of Chicago will join us at 7:30 by phone. A dose of genuine Bolshevism is EXACTLY what American politics requires to defeat a Fascist regime, or a Tsar.

The Higher Wages and Equality Association is recruiting organizers, reporters and broadcasters to defeat the Fascist plague which has descended on our nation. Sign up here to get an early copy of the soon to be released beta Manifesto of the association, and to take part in its drafting.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Anti Fascist Poetry on the Poetry show

8:00 AM The Poetry Show  -- anti Fascist poetry
Here is our Player

Bolshevism, and worse, comes to EPIC Radio

Friday, November 11, 2016

Paris on the Potomac 11/11

Paris on the Potomac on EPIC Radio

7:30 - 9:00 

Dr Jay Wyatt from the Robert C Byrd Center in Shepherdstown joins John Case and Gayle Becker at 8:00 AM to discuss the elections.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) joins us at 8:30 to talk Marijuana legalization in several states.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Labor Beat on EPIC Radio Nov 10

Labor Beat -- 7:30 AM EST on EPIC Radio

JB Writes

The day after an election is usually a blur for me especially in WV where we have a propensity to vote for those who dislike the idea of labor unions overall, its a tough situation, it is what it is. We have a couple of great guests calling in to our studios in Shepherdstown. Jason Kozlowski a professor of labor studies at WVU will be joining us around 8 am and Mary Roebuck Claytor will follow if she's recovered from running her statewide campaign for auditor. John Case Stewart Acuff Mike Diesel Our call in number is 304-885-0708 if you would like to join us.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

President-Elect Trump -- Are You Crazy? EPIC Radio November 9, 2016

President-Elect Trump -- Are You Crazy?

John Case, Stewart Acuff, Mike Diesel, and John Bachtell and others --- all have awakened to the worst case scenario...

What do you say now, boys?

What is to be Done?

EPIC Radio Podcasts: New Podcasts from EPIC Radio - Day after Trump

EPIC Radio Podcasts: New Podcasts from EPIC Radio - Day after Trump:  Fanny Crawford talks to storytellers from the National Association of Black Storytellers Convention on Philadelphia. Download this ep...

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day on EPIC Radio - Let the best Mother WIN

Election Day on EPIC Radio -- Nov 8 2016 -- May the Best Mother Win

7:30 - 9:00: The Occupy Show: Stewart Acuff, Mike Diesel and Case give it their best.

9:00 -- 11:00 -- Economic Updates

11:00 -- 1:00 PM  High on the Mountain: ERIK JANUS

1:00 PM UNTIL  NEXT DAY --- Abraham Lincoln Speeches Threaded by the Blues

Monday, November 7, 2016

Poetry Monday, Storytelling on EPIC Radio

EPIC Radio -- Monday, Nov 7, 2016

7:30  The Poetry Show with Stewart Acuff and John Case (Janet is still taking care of her family in Richmond)

9:00 Best of the Left

12 Noon-- Fanny Crawford hears reports from Storytellers attending the National Association of Black Storytellers...

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Fwd: Next week's High on the Mountain show

via Erik Janus, Host of "High on the Mountain"  The Tuesday, NOV 8 High On The Mountain Show!

Matt, Mike, Mary, Rusty --

Thanks to all of you for agreeing to help participate in the 11/8 broadcast of our show "High on the Mountain" on the one, the only Eastern Panhandle Independent Community (EPIC) radio.

Here's the timings and topics I was hoping to go with for next week.

Mary, join me at 11:30 or a little earlier, please.

Matt, Mike - love the idea of both of you being on at the same time if possible. Should be OK.  (I've copied our leader, John Case, whom I hope to also have in the studio with me ...)  Please join a few minutes after 12 noon.

Rusty, join me at like 12:35 or :12:40 and stay with me through the end  (1 pm)

FINGERS CROSSED, this will be a great show!!  

- Erik


ELECTION DAY! November 8, 2016

11 am OPEN with ISD live from the Columbia River Bluegrass Festival 2009

TODAY'S show will feature ~~
- More cannabis news not fit to print from around the country and world
- Discussion with the co-founder and Executive Director of Compassion West Virginia, Rev. Mary Burch Nichols  (11:30 or so)
- Matt Simon (Marijuana Policy Project) and Mike Manypenny (Candidate US House District 1) to discuss Mike's campaign in WV, efforts he and Matt have already put into WV and what's ahead
- Matt and Mike to hopefully also review the importance of the NINE state ballots around the US (12 noon to ~ 12: 30 pm)
- Rusty Williams will call in to share his patient story, his connection to Bill Flanigan, and to help discuss ongoing reform efforts in Charleston, a new legislator scorecard that has been prepared to give our current legislators as grade of A to F on cannabis reform  (~ 12: 40 to end)

Erik R. Janus

President, M³ Technical & Regulatory Services
Director of Business Operations, Compassion West Virginia
Advisor, PETA International Science Consortium Ltd.
Board of Directors, WV Hemp Industries Association/Hemp Farmers Cooperative
Registered Lobbyist, State of West Virginia 

Shepherdstown, WV

See M³ Technical & Regulatory's profile on Budding.
See Erik's profiles on LinkedIn and ResearchGate.


Bluegrass ALL Day on EPIC Radio

Sunday, Nov 6, 2016

Its Bluegrass ALL DAY and night on EPIC Radio. Sci-fi theater will have to wait till later in the week.

Railroad Earth does a concert festival, and partner Internet Radio staton WDVX from Knoxville does the rest.

Friday, November 4, 2016

EPIC is down tonight due to Microsoft demanding that the servers reboot!

EPIC is down tonight due to Microsoft demanding that the servers reboot!

We will be back up tomorrow! Sci-Fi Theater Most of the day!!

Paris on the Potomac welcomes Steve Warner and Doug Reynolds, the next WV Attorney General

EPIC RADIO Presents: Paris On the Potmac: NOvember 4, 2016

7:30 - 9:00 AM

  • Rolling Coyotes Front Man and Host of the First Friday Coffee house, Steve Warner Joins us this morning.
  • Doug Reynolds, Democratic candidate for Attorney General of West Virginia joins us by hone at 8:45.
9:00 AM Best of the left: Economic Updates from the best economists

12:00 Storytelling with Fanny Crawford  and Adam Booth (reprise).

1:00 PM What to eat tonight

2:00 Sci-Fi Theater

7:00 PM: Jazz till dawn.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Brad Noll Challenges the Blair Heap o Junk for WV Senate

LABOR Beat on EPIC Radio:" Nov 3 2016

7:30--9:00 AM: Brad Noll -- WV State Senate Candidate in the 15th Senatorial District

9:00 -- 11:30  Best of the Left News and Commentary; C-SPAN RADIO clips.

Noon - 1PM  Storytelling by Fanny Crawford (reprise)

1 PM -- 2:00 -- What to Eat?

2:00 -- 5:00: Classical Music

5:00 -7:00  The Tony Russo Show

7:00: Classical Music Till Dawn

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Are you crazy? Should you smoke more, or less, marijuana?

The Are You Crazy Show begins this morning, Nov 2, 2016 at 7:30 AM on:

EPIC RADIO, from Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Dr Zakee McGill, John Case and Erik Janus (if he is out of the sickbed) do a health check on medical marijuana.

Other Crazy stuff covered too.