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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Updated Agenda for the Talkin Socialism Show --- Friday 9 AM LIVE


The Talkin Socialism 9 AM, Friday, 4-10-20 on

Topic 1: China -- Carl Davidson, a longtime socialist writer, leader, and a student of Chinese history and politics, will join JB Christensen and John Case to talk about what relevance, if any, Chinese "socialism with Chinese characteristics" -- the Chinese CP expression -- has to American "Democratic Socialism", as reflected in the Bernie Sanders presidential campaigns. We will open with a Fox/Tucker Carlson outrage as a spark to conversation. Hear is some interesting background on the China Miracle, by Dani Rodrik.
--Ted Boettner -- from West Virginia  Budget and Policy Priorities -- help us understand a real life China Deal in West Virginia worth 83 Billion dollars, which may or may not ever materialize. 
Topic 2: Is there any alternative to "conovirus-coverage-for-all", even if it "leads to socialism"? Reports from the experiences of "tiny Cuba" fighting coronavirus all over the world, from Dr Zakee McGill
Topic 3. Bernie Sanders has ended his campaign. Comment?
If you are a member of this list and would like a call in invite or phone number, please message me:

Enlighten Radio Thursday: Have a Little Faith In M2

John Hiatt & The Jerry Douglas Band at Moore Theatre in Seattle ...

Friends of John Hiatt
on Enlighten Radio
Thursday, April 9, Plague Year

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The Recovery Podcast: Recovery and Addition in Martinsburg, WV

James Boyd testifies on Recovery Radio to the damage heaping on the recovery community from the pandemic scourge.
From Martinsburg, WV, a hotspot in the opioid epidemic that preceded (perhaps predicted) the COVID pandemic).
Recorded on, live on Tuesday, April 7, 2020, 9AM EST. Send email to if you want an invite or call in.

Country as far as I can SEE on Enlighten Radio tonite, Canadian, and US

Great Big Sea

Country Left And Center

LIve Recovery Radio at 9, and live concerts

Recovery Radio 

with James Boyd

9:00 AM

The Addiction community in the Covid Pandemic

The Eagles Farewell Tour, 

John Lee Hooker, Leon Russell, and Etta James
Full Concerts

Monday, April 6, 2020

Ooops...caught napping -- Dylan-esque Begins

Bob Dylan tributes, Playing for Change, The Nobel address, My Back Pages

Enlighten Radio: The Stones and Dead ask Fanny, Stas and Holmes for help

Stones and the Dead till NOON. 

Then -- Fanny AND Stas on the Storytelling Hour

Then Holmes!

And Dylanesque for a Stay-at-Home Night. Including MY BACK PAGES!