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Reports abound from coast to coast: 

The warehouse and distribution workers of America -- especially Amazon workers -- have made it possible for millions to survive the pandemic quarantines. Yet, in many instances, it has cost them dearly. 

Like other essential and front line workers through the pandemic, workers and managers in transport and warehousing  are suffering epidemic-sized injury, income and stress related problems. Essential services have made exposure to unsafe and oppressive conditions unbearable for many families, have incurred high stress, sustained by barely livable wages, employment volatility, unmanaged and forced overtime, high turnover  rates, high injury rates, high COVID infections and deaths.  

Why is this happening? What is driving "the great resignations", the quits and strikes?

The answers are both simple, and complex. They are local, and national, and international in scope. What is work in America turning into? Where is it headed?

The Enlighten Radio Network is linking with other networks across the country to document and report -- to tell the stories --  on the work, culture and lives of the warehousing and distribution workforces at the hubs of globalization worldwide, and in our neighborhoods. 

 Learn how to tell the stories of those who work the industry  that are being lived everyday -- a new an important chapter in workingclass history and literature.


    Can you keep a journal? Or use recordings? Or contribute  storytelling, video, or art?

Join our network! To obtain more information, 


We will get back to you.

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