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Monday, October 29, 2018

The Raw Edition of the FIRST "No Name Yet" is HERE -- The 10.18.18 Show

OK Folks, a revolution in talk radio is emerging on Enlighten Radio. The somewhat disorganized, but motivated battalions of Resistance are on the rails to the polls, as are Thumper and His Fools.

JB, Mike Diesel and John Case, representing 180 years of the Stones, the Dead, Bob Marley and Dylan styles approach to politics and culture, and other gifted folks who join us, as we expand our dining in the Eastern Panhandle of  West Virginia, are having  "Dinner Out".

Simultaneously the NAME IS IN PROGRESS Program runs through a menu of weekly themes and courses,  and we see beneath the waves to the continental shifts erupting in our fave restaurant. Do not be concerned about occasional appearances on the Program by Dr. Hannibal Lechter, President Kim Jong Un, and Rush Limbaugh.

Below is the player for the podcast, and the Menu. SEND FEEDBACK  

Listen to us LIVE, and join in on our call in line 304-885-0708, 
Thursdays, 6 PM
on www.enlightenradio.org, and THIS LINK.


Cocktail: A Jerry Garcia moment

"What's the Name of this Bar?"
"No Name Yet"

Appetizer: Rockwool Rarebit

Soup: Bernie Sanders on Foreign Policy

Main Course: Joe Manchin, Labor and the Democratic Party

sorbet: Railroad Earth

Desert: Voting -- Our Friends call

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